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exclusive ladyWhat is the life of a high-priced call girl really like?

Below you will discover how to be an Portuguese escort girl, what it takes to be an escort and how to do a number of things while being an escort. Becoming an escort isn't an easy job. Like all jobs, it has its benefits and its draw backs. The fact that it is a very personal kind of career can be a great thing and a bad thing at times. It takes a strong person to become an escort and to continue being an escort for years to come. You will discover the truth behind an escort. You will also get a number of tips and advice to help you in this journey.

Applying for the job

 And so the next day, I decided to call one of the escort agencies (Top CallGirl) I found online using a public pay phone. When the call went unanswered, I became anxious. I decided to compose myself by taking a couple of deep breaths and redialled the number. Someone picked up and finally responded. “Hello. This is Ellen, how can I help you?” When I failed to reply, she repeated her first statement. “Hello. This is ellen how can I help you? I took in a huge deep breath and replied, “Hello Ellen. This is Anna. I was able to reach you after getting this particular phone number on the escorts’ website Top call Girl. “Okay, Anna, how can I help you?” Ellen asked calmly. “I would love to work for your agency as an Lisbon escort girl,” I replied. “And why do you want to work for us?” she asked further. “It’s because I am currently unemployed. I would like to make some money that will enable me to meet my personal needs,” I answered. “I see,” she wondered. Ellen then asked me to tell her something a little bit about myself. “I am dark skinned and of medium height. I am a 2012 university graduate and have worked formerly as a waitress. My hobbies are dancing and partying,” I said. “That’s quite an interesting personal profile you have there. Well, the first recruiting process involves you sending photographs of yourself dressed in a bikini.” She said while adding, “Send them to me on WhatsApp.”

Fear creeps in..

“And what will you use the photographs for after I send them?” I asked with concern. “For starters, it will help us know the kind of girl we are recruiting an are for internal use only. We never publish your real photo on the web site or on our social media page for our male clients to have easy access to,” she said. I was scared by her suggestion and requested that I meet her first in person before sending the pictures. “We never meet any girls before they send their pictures. Do that and then we can talk later, face to face,” she said.  Three days later, on a Monday,  When I introduced myself as Anna, Ellen immediately asked if I was the one who called her days earlier about wanting to work as an escort girl. When I replied yes, she asked if I had sent her my pictures already. When I replied not yet, she became somewhat irritated. “But Anna, I told you how things work around here. Pictures first and then meeting later, okay?” she replied friendly and firmly. “When you send them, please let me know,” .

From the look of things, Ellen was not willing to do anything for me until I gave into her demand, one that I obviously was not comfortable with. So, I decided to contact another agency the following week. I made the call on a Monday afternoon. It was a gentleman who picked this particular one. He did not identify himself but then went ahead to greet me politely before asking how he could be of help. I called myself Comfort this time round and told him I wanted to work for him as an escort. “Call back on Wednesday and I will see how to help you, okay?” he stated. I answered, “Alright” before his phone went off. When I called him on Wednesday, the number was unavailable. The phone number finally went through after I dialled it on Friday afternoon. “Hello?” the caller asked. I replied and identified myself as “Comfort, the girl who wants to work for his agency as an escort girl.” “Oh it’s you, Comfort, how are you doing?” he asked . “I am doing fine, thanks for asking,” I replied. “The problem is that I am not taking up any other girl at the moment. We do not have a lot of work at the moment. Give me a call around December, will you?” “December is too far, GRRRRR.

So did call Ellen again,  Please help me. Try and fix me somewhere,” I begged. “You really do seem desperate. Okay. Meet me up tomorrow at the Hlton in Vilamoura, at the Lounge in the afternoon at 2pm and we talk,” she stated.I made sure that I was there by 1pm. I tried to disguise myself with a long brown wig and a pair of large dark sun glasses. I wore a dress of knee length with flat black shoes. I sat at one of the tables located next to the eatery’s open kitchen. At some point, as I sat there, I wondered what I was getting myself into and deliberated on what I would do in case the agent who was coming realised that I was simply a fake. All I wanted was for him to avail me information so that I could know what exactly these escort girls do. Meanwhile, my fore head and underarms were sweating nonstop while my body shook uncontrollably. As I contemplated on leaving or staying, a classy dressed lady walked into the premises. She held a black phone which he started dialling two minutes later after making her entrance. When she did that, my phone which was placed on the table started vibrating and someone’s number appeared on its screen. It kind of hit me then that the phone call might be from him. I received the call, “Yes, this is Comfort.” Ellen on the other line answered, “Hello, this is Ellen. I am here to meet you here at the Vilamoura Hilton lounge. Where are you?” I looked straight to where she was standing and waved my hand. I stood up as she walked while smiling towards my direction. “Hello Comfort. Nice to meet you,” she said as he shook my right hand and sat down. “Nice to meet you too Ellen,” I replied. “You look nervous. Relax.” she stated.  I am just going to brief you on what you will be required to do in case we finally hire you as an escort,” she said. Before he started talking,  I did as instructed. She also ask me to take off my sunglasses. “I want to see the person I am talking to,” she said. I refused and explained that I never take off my shades while in public because I am shy and the glasses give me a bit of false confidence.

What it takes to be an escort..

You’re shy? So how are you going to work as an escort when you are not confident? The girls we hire are self-reliant. “Anyway, you can keep your glasses on but you definitely need to come out of your skin if you want to work in this line of business,” Ellen said. She began by explaining that all the escorts in their agency are females of various ages. “We have those in their 20s, 30s and even 40s,” she stated. Their clients are both local businessmen and expatriates. Ellen says that the majority of them get the agency’s phone number from the website. Once the client calls and describes the kind of girl he wants, the agency immediately makes arrangements. “We normally meet the client first and discuss our expectations and once the girl meets him, we have someone from the agency who trails their movements so as to ensure that no harm comes to her,” Ellen stated. She is supposed to be good company by ensuring that the client is very comfortable and not bored. “What if a client demands for sex during the outing?” I asked Ellen. “Well, now that totally depends on the escort girl herself. If she decides to sleep with a client, that is her business,” Ellen stated. Ellen says that the male clients pay depending on the number of hours they are with the escort girl. The more time they spend with the escort, the more money they pay. “For instance, hiring the girl for one hour is 300 €  0 while six hours is 900€. I know that some people out there say that we avail these girls to men for sex which is not true. We are very professional with our work,” she concludes. I understand that to someone outside of the industry it is difficult to fathom why a woman with an education or a known model would become an escort. The simple answer is money and freedom.

I did not require a set schedule. You could “call on” when you were available and I would call when I had an appointment for you. My only requirement was that you be ready to leave your house within 30 minutes of me notifying you. The girls had the flexibility of an open schedule and an enormous income potential with very few hours. And the money afforded many freedoms -- the freedom to pursue dreams, the freedom to live well and the freedom to have fewer worries. 

There is also the issue of the type of clientele and type of appointments. In the high-end world where clients spend 500-1000  euro per hour, clients think of their appointments as an event, a date, and it's not an undertaking they are ashamed about. The clients are heads of companies, politicians, famous sports stars -- the time spent with them can be enjoyable.

This is not always the case but I made 80% of my money from non-sexual calls.

The big money calls came from clients who were partying. Some wanted to go to clubs and have someone to go with or a pretty girl by their side, and some were at home on a bender. Yes, there were drugs involved. Cocaine was the drug of choice in Manhattan and as long as the clients had drugs (a.k.a. "party supplies") the call continued. Sex never occurred because the client’s focus was partying and they were too high to get physical.


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 But I still stand by my choices. I understand why I made them, I understand how I made them, I learned from them, and it’s all good.